February / March 2012
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OA in the News


Baby Boomers' Demand, Expectations for New Knees Soar

USA Today
A soaring demand for new knees from aging Baby Boomers wanting to dance through Zumba workouts or zip down ski slopes is likely to lead to additional, more costly surgeries, according to a new report... Read More

Arthritic Hip May Be Tougher to Treat Than Knee

Knees with osteoarthritis are in a constant state of self-repair, but arthritic hip joints are not, researchers say... Read More

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February Lunch & Learn: IOM Report

Dr. Leigh Callahan, professor in the Departments of Medicine and Social Medicine; and an adjunct associate professor in the Department of Epidemiology, University of North Carolina, Thurston Arthritis Research Center, was the featured presenter for the third installment of the Osteoarthritis (OA) Action Alliance Lunch & Learn informational series, which took place on Feb. 15th. This highly attended presentation focused on the newly released Institute of Medicine (IOM) report Living Well with Chronic Illness: A Call for Public Health Action. Dr. Callahan's informative presentation has been archived here. The OA Action Alliance encourages you to review and share this information with others in the public health community.

The Lunch & Learn series regularly features presentations by members of the public health community relevant to osteoarthritis. All interested stakeholders are invited to participate. Be sure to tune in to the next Lunch & Learn on Wednesday, March 21st featuring Cindy McDaniel of the Arthritis Foundation.  Click here for a full list of upcoming Lunch & Learn events. For suggestions for future topics or questions about this series, please contact Mary Waterman at

OA Action Alliance Working Groups: Activity Update

Physical Activity Working Group Update
The Physical Activity working group is conducting an environmental scan to gather information about existing physical activity programs for people with osteoarthritis (OA) and arthritis in general. The group's goal is to develop a comprehensive database of existing programs, which will initially be used as an internal organizational document for the group and potentially evolve into a directory of programs and services.  An online survey has been created to capture descriptive information about program format, content, developers, whether it is evidence based, if articles are available featuring research on the program and other information.

Individuals who are familiar with existing programs are encouraged to complete the survey that can be accessed by following the web-page link below. Please note the survey accommodates information about one program, so if you know about two programs (for example), you'll need to complete the survey two times. Thank you for your assistance.

In addition, the working group will receive a pre-publication copy of a new report from the Arthritis Foundation and the CDC - Environmental and Policy Strategies to Increase Physical Activity among Adults with Arthritis.  The working group will begin discussing possible implementation activities that can be carried out by their organizations.             

Interested in learning more or have a suggestion? Contact the working group co-chairs to discuss: Laura Payne at or Mary Waterman at

Injury Prevention Working Group Update
In the beginning of the New Year, the Injury Prevention (IP) working group began to re-analyze its focus and shift away from its original support of Break-Away bases for the time being, and began taking a more aggressive approach to ACL knee injuries, preventative measures, and the research surrounding that subject. While it is hard to link ankle sprains to OA, there is a much stronger link between ACL tears and knee OA. To further support awareness and education surrounding this, the IP working group will potentially conduct a survey and focus group to understand what athletic coaches needs are in this area and what strategies and programs can be implemented to positively effect the injury trends in this area.  The working group will also consider creating learning tools based on the findings of the environmental scan. In the long-term, the IP working group will continue to identify gaps in literature in order to develop an IP research agenda.

Interested in learning more or have a suggestion? Contact the working group co-chairs to discuss: Marje Albohm at or Brooke Wyatt at

Self Management Education Working Group Update
The Self-Management Education Working group (SME) has committed its 2012 focus to the dissemination of information about the OA Action Alliance and the need for self-management education. To this end, the group is compiling information culled via a conference survey to all members in order to identify opportunities throughout the year at which members may share information on the OA Alliance. Additionally, the SME group is in the early stages of development on a pamphlet that highlights information about the OA Action Alliance and the importance of self-management in managing both the pain and lifestyle changes needed to live a full life for distribution to interested parties.  Finally, the SME group hopes to tap into existing tools and resources among members by completing the SME Tool Kit request thereby allowing members access to a multitude of resources that they can utilize for further information dissemination.

Interested in learning more or have a suggestion? Contact the working group co-chairs to discuss: Penney Cowan at or Jeannine Galloway at

Weight Management Working Group Update
In 2011 and the beginning of 2012, the Weight Management Working group has been working collectively to develop the principles and materials necessary to advance awareness and understanding of the connections between OA, obesity and disability within policy, science and public health communities in the US and abroad. Currently finalizing a backgrounder on the topic designed to be useful educational tool for public health stakeholders, policymakers and/or Administration officials, the working group is also compiling a list of public health conferences occurring in 2012 that offer opportunities to insert the links between weight management and OA into the discussion.

Interested in learning more or have a suggestion? Contact the working group co-chairs to discuss: Dr. Barbara Moore at or Dr. Patience White at




Member Spotlight

Tai N. Baker

Tai N. Baker, MPH, CHES

Public Health Analyst/Contractor, Columbus Technologies and Services, Inc. assigned to the Arthritis Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Member, OA Action Alliance Weight Management Working Group

Over the past 7 years, Tai has worked on issues related to partnership recruitment and retention at various levels including: a community-based organization, local and federal government, and a national organization. It is this experience that brought Tai to the CDC Arthritis Program’s Partnership and Program Development Team as a contractor with Columbus Technologies and Services, Inc. CDC is deeply vested in reducing the burden of all forms of arthritis, including osteoarthritis which is the most common form of arthritis. Addressing this highly prevalent and commonly disabling condition requires a concerted nationwide effort, and this further emphasizes the importance of the OA Action Alliance. To learn more about the burden and impact of arthritis, tips for managing arthritis, and how CDC is addressing arthritis click here.

Lisa S. Paige

Lisa S. Paige, MBA, RD, CNSC

Dietitian, Valley View Hospital, Certified Wellness Coach Representative of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association)
Member, OA Action Alliance Weight Management Working Group

As a dietitian for Valley View Hospital, the largest community hospital and only orthopedic surgical unit in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado, Lisa brings evidence-based weight management practice into the immediate post-op period. She also holds a leadership position with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Healthy Aging and Weight Management Dietary Practice Groups and believes that preservation of function in the older adult is crucial to healthy aging. Lisa's passion about the role of healthful nutrition patterns in the prevention of chronic disease and drive to raise awareness about the links between overweight, obesity and osteoarthritis, ultimately led her to become a member of the OA Action Alliance’s Weight Management Working Group. To read more about the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, click here.




Centers for Disease Control, Arthritis Foundation