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The Osteoarthritis (OA) Action Alliance is committed to providing members and all interested parties with resources to assist with osteoarthritis prevention and control efforts. Resources include statistics on the OA burden, background information on osteoarthritis and arthritis, and solutions for managing OA and arthritis.


Resources from the OA Action Alliance:

Injury Prevention:

Preventing ACL Injuries and Improving Performance

The Osteoarthritis Action Alliance with the aid and leadership of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association has created a flyer to educate professional sport organizations in the importance of preventing ACL injury. The flyer includes exercises that can be incorporated into a preventive training program to prevent ACL injury and improve the performance of athletes.

Physical Activity:

Self-Management Education:

Weight Management:

New education materials for people with joint pain and excess weight

The Weight Management Work Group has created pamphlets to assist individuals affected by excess weight and who are experiencing joint pain or have been diagnosed with arthritis to take action steps to improve their joint pain. These pamphlets detail how excessive weight affects joint pain/arthritis, the benefits of losing weight on joint pain/arthritis, and how to make healthy lifestyle changes. They are available in color and black and white for lower printing costs and at different sizes for easy reading.

Can My Weight Make My Joint Pain Worse

Weight Gain and Joint Pain


Resources from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:


Resources from the Arthritis Foundation:

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